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GFT offers alternative pay scale upgrades

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A NEW teacher pay scale has been proposed by local union Guam Federation of Teachers, which it says, unlike the Hay Study recommendation, will not place a cap among senior employees.

GFT’s proposal was announced Wednesday and is the first of four pay scale upgrade proposals it is pushing for Government of Guam Employees, union members or not.

The three remaining pay scale upgrades will be for Public Safety and Law Enforcement personnel, Healthcare employees, and “general.”

The proposal is part of GFT’s plan to ease tension among the various GovGuam agencies that are not in favor of the Hay Study recommendation.

Several complaints and testimonies provided by GFT members contend the Hay Study is unfair and only increases the salaries of employees with a few years experience to be able to catch up with the salaries of senior employees.

The formula for the teacher pay scale uses the original GovGuam Unified Teacher pay scale, plus a 14 percent increment, and the remaining 3.5 percent authorized in Public Law 29-02.

GFT President Matt Rector earlier stated that he was dissatisfied over the Legislature’s decision to discount the 3.5 percent wage hike because the legislators instead budgeted $13.1 million for an across the board wage-hike as recommended by the Hay Study.

However, Governor Felix Camacho is asking the Legislature for an additional $5.5 million for the Hay Study’s full implementation, as introduced in Bill 469.

“The pay scale we created delivers what was promised to our educators and does not put a cap on senior employees,” the GFT website states.
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