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Guam beer aims to promote island to tourists

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When management at Mid-Pacific Distributors had to think of a new souvenir they could market to Guam visitors wanting to take a piece of the island home with them, they turned to what they knew best - how to party!

“Whether its beach barbeques, family get-togethers or fiestas, Guam just likes to party,” said Mid-Pacific marketing manager James Castro during the Guam Beer Company launch Tuesday. “What better souvenir for tourists to take home with them than a locally branded beer.”


Castro said the idea for the Guam Beer Company began a few years ago, after management at Mid-Pacific felt the need to market a new product to Guam visitors as well as local residents.

Castro said that while there were initial concerns about how well the public would receive the locally branded beer, once management popped open a few cans from the first shipment they knew they had struck gold.

“We were worried the product would somehow be damaged from shipping, but that first shipment from Korea, well it was good,” said Castro.

Castro said that the beer, brewed and packaged in Korea, will please even the most picky Japanese and local beer aficionado.

However, Castro said that although the beer isn’t brewed on island, it is still manufactured exclusively for Guam. He added that the beer has a unique blend of ingredients, specifically chosen to cater towards island residents and tourists.

While the beer will be mainly marketed towards tourists, Castro said that he hopes the Guam brand of beer will eventually be a staple at local parties and events.

“We’re creating it for tourists to have something to take back home,” said Castro. “But we’re also creating something for island residents to take pride in.”

According to Castro, everything from the beer’s taste to the can it’s packaged in says, “This is Guam.”

The can has images of the Guam flag, the beach and a galaide, which Castro says are iconic island images.

Castro said that residents and tourists can expect to see the new Guam beer on store shelves as early as this month.

“We’re already distributing the beer,” said Castro, adding that the beer will be available at all Pay-Less Supermarkets and hotels and restaurants in Tumon.

Depending on the beer’s success, Mid-Pacific will distribute to other stores around the island.

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