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Back Sports Taekwondo students compete in Hong Kong

Taekwondo students compete in Hong Kong

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After an intensive training session at Kontenda's Gym, five taekwondo athletes went to Hong Kong to participate in the 14th Asian Cities Gold Cup Taekwondo Championships in Hong Kong in both the junior and senior divisions, according to a press release from the Guam Taekwondo Federation.
The international tournament, which brings together competitors from major cities in the Asian region and was held from Feb. 19-21, saw Julian Dorion and Quinn Arciaga, both students from the Universal Taekwondo School School, compete in the male junior division and each win two matches in their respective classes.

Dorion ended up with a bronze cup (third place) when he lost in the semifinal round for the under-48-kilogram division. Arciaga also ended up with a bronze cup in the under-57-kilogram junior division.

Angelica Agahan, Guam's only female junior competitor (under-42-kilogram), did quite well considering it was her first international sparring competition, according to Federation President Simon Ysrael. She is expected to outperform with some more sparring experience in future events, explained the President.

In the senior division, Kevin Na fought to a draw at the end of the three rounds and in sudden death round, lost to his more experienced competitor by one point. Ramon Tuason in the under-53-kilogram division, did not exhibit any of the power and explosive moves that he displayed in training sessions and lost to his Hong Kong competitor. Ysrael expects him to do much better in future competitions.

The Hong Kong tournament was an eye opener for the five Guam students. As soon as they arrived back on Guam soil, they were hard at work at Kontenda's Gym working on their deficiencies and improving their speed and effectiveness of target selection. In April, the Guam Taekwondo Federation will again send some students to participate in a Japan Open Taekwondo competition and the students anticipate doing much better.

"In July, we expect to send some  students to the Korea Open tournament," explained Ysrael. "Participation in these intermediate intensity Taekwondo tournaments will give the students much needed exposure to international sparring techniques and hopefully do quite well in the coming PACIFIC GAMES in 2011 in New Caledonia under the sponsorship of the Guam National Olympic Committee."

For more in formation on the Guam Taekwondo Federation, contact Ysreal at 646-1343 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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