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Back Helping Your Child Succeed

Helping Your Child Succeed

Bedtime stories help boost children's brain development

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PARENTS have long known that bedtime stories not only help kids relax, and fall asleep more easily, they also create an emotional bond between the storyteller and the listener.

Nine tips for academic success in high school

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Many teenagers believe that there is a secret to being a successful student in high school. However, that is not true. Anyone who is organized, willing to prioritize, adheres to a schedule, and willing to work hard can be successful in school. Below are nine tips for academic success parents can use to help their children:

How to choose a tutor for your child

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DURING last week’s PTCs, many parents were informed that their children were not performing well or falling behind in school.

Meet with your child’s school counselor

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THIS week’s parent-teacher conferences provide a great opportunity for parents to meet with their children’s teachers, and discuss their educational performance and progress.

Approach your children’s report cards positively

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NEXT week’s parent-teacher conferences will provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to discuss the educational performance and progress of their children after receiving their children’s report card.

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