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12 23Thu04242014


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Helping Your Child Succeed

10 ways to help your children do better in school

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PARENTS are always looking for suggestions about how they can help their children be successful students, and do well in school.

Good visual skills are essential for academic success

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GOOD visual skills are one of the most important tools needed for children’s academic success in school.

Help your children be more successful learners this school year

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EVERY August, parents islandwide are given the opportunity help their children begin the new school year on the right foot.

Getting enough sleep is key to children’s academic success

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WITH summer vacation coming to an end in about three weeks, one of the most important things parents need to do is to re-establish regular sleeping patterns for their children.

Talking with children leads to success in school

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IN TODAY'S schools, the fundamental skills of speaking and listening are given as high a priority as reading and writing at all grade levels, and across the curriculum.

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