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Back Helping Your Child Succeed

Helping Your Child Succeed

Helping reluctant readers discover the joy of reading

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RELUCTANT readers are children who can read, but do not enjoy reading on their own, and almost never pick up a book or anything else to read for pleasure.

Build a home library to promote reading for the whole family

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FAMILY involvement is a key component of children’s success in reading.

Create a positive home reading environment

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IN A recent Harvard University study, "home reading environment" was rated as the single most important home factor affecting literacy development in children.

How to choose books for reading aloud to your child

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ONE of the most beneficial things that parents can do for their children’s reading ability is to read aloud to them on a daily basis.

Get started reading aloud to your child

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ARE you ready to begin reading aloud to your child after learning about the many educational benefits it has to offer? If so, here are some tips about how to get started:

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