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Back Helping Your Child Succeed

Helping Your Child Succeed

Summertime reading is important for academic success in the fall

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MANY research studies have shown that most students experience a loss in reading skills over summer vacation.

Help your children develop their talents this summer

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AS PARENTS, we know it is important that we help our children discover and develop their talents.

Bedtime stories help boost children's brain development

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PARENTS have long known that bedtime stories not only help kids relax and fall asleep more easily, they also create an emotional bond between the storyteller and the listener.

Summertime is a great time to begin learning another language

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CHILDREN who study one or more languages during their school years reap numerous personal, cognitive and academic benefits.

Eight simple ways to prevent the summer slide

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AT THE beginning of each school year, teachers usually spend four to six weeks reviewing material that students forgot during summer vacation.

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