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Back Helping Your Child Succeed

Helping Your Child Succeed

Make time to meet with your child’s school counselor

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THIS week’s parent-teacher conferences provide a great opportunity for parents to meet with their children’s teachers, and discuss their educational performance and progress.

Approach your children’s report cards positively

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NEXT week’s parent-teacher conferences will provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to discuss the educational performance and progress of their children after receiving their children’s report card.

Help your children do better in school

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PARENTS are always looking for suggestions about how they can help their children be successful students, and do well in school.

Use the SQ3R strategy to read textbooks effectively

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IF YOUR child is not doing as well in school as you expect, it may have been because he or she does not do his or her textbook reading assignments or reads the textbook incorrectly.

Tailor your study habits to your intelligence type

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WHEN Howard Gardner proposed his theory of multiple intelligences, he gave students another tool to help them succeed academically.

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