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Back Helping Your Child Succeed

Helping Your Child Succeed

Tailor your study habits to your intelligence type

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WHEN Howard Gardner proposed his theory of multiple intelligences, he gave students another tool to help them succeed academically.

Bedtime stories help boost children's brain development

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PARENTS have long known that bedtime stories not only help kids relax and fall asleep more easily, they also create an emotional bond between the storyteller and the listener.

10 tips for managing attention deficit disorder

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CHILDREN and teens with attention deficit disorder (ADD) face many challenges in school and in life.

Childhood play has many benefits

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CHILDHOOD play is more than just fun and games.

High school students must develop good reading habits to achieve academic success

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MANY high school freshmen discover that there are significantly more reading assignments in high school than there were in middle school, and students frequently complain that they cannot get through all of them.

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